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About HigherLed

HigherLed is a learning network that creates the conditions for continuous improvement in the areas of leadership education and development (Led) in higher education to help create more and better Leaders for our society.

This digital community brings you alongside other higher education stakeholders committed to developing students as Leaders to foster connections and share best practices and experiences developing students.

Why HigherLed?

Through this community, you will become equipped to:

1.  Advance leadership education and development as a unique value proposition for your institution.

2. Contribute to creating a continuous improvement process in the field of leadership education and development.

3. Radically improve leader development and education efforts at your institution and in higher education, thus, creating more and better Leaders for society.

Benefits of HigherLed

- Collaborate with and learn from other scholars and practitioners

- Explore best practices and topics related to developing students

- Gain access to helpful materials and courses to launch and support  your leader development and/or leadership education programs

- Attend exclusive events with valuable insights and expert guests

- Learn strategies for gaining institutional commitment and funding for your leadership education and development efforts

- Share your resources and insights with others in the field

More and better Leaders

Join the HigherLed community today to begin elevating your efforts developing tomorrow's Leaders! This online learning network is managed by The Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University, the administrators of the Carnegie Elective Classification in Leadership for Public Purpose.